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Wright Worldwide Inc. is a full-service security firm established by CEO and Founder, James Barry Wright.  It is home to Wright Worldwide Protection LLC and Protective Services International Inc., serving two distinct markets. Our emphasis is centered on three important pillars: Prevention, Protection, and Mitigation.   We have over 30 years of experience in safety and security. Wright Worldwide, Inc., was created to be the dominant, executive protection, security company in the South Florida region. We are a domestic company with a global reach.  Our organization provides excellent customer service, mitigates risk and eliminates potential threats to our clients, while simultaneously allowing them to transact business without interruption.


Security is important because it provides a feeling of protection, confidence, and reassurance. The key is understanding how our protective methods fit in your world. Our prevention efforts are founded in successful planning and preparation. Deploying a specialized protective operation is accomplished utilizing human capital, technology, and other necessary resources.


Anticipating risks and establishing prevention strategies is our founding operational principle.  Protection consists of our overall prevention methods interconnected with our security, safety and mitigation efforts.  These actions create a circular framework allowing Wright Worldwide Inc. to effectively transition our clientele to various places, settings, and locales without delay or disruption.


In this planning stage called the “Advance”, Wright Worldwide Inc. identifies and mitigates potential and/or actual threats or vulnerabilities. This assessment evaluates compromising direct or indirect threats associated with the protectee’s lifestyle and closes any potential gaps or unforeseen security situations.

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